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Talking Works

Whether you are currently struggling, need to understand yourself more, or you need help to achieve your goals, Talking Works.

I use counselling, psychotherapy and coaching techniques to help you, or to help your staff.


Select from the options below, depending on whether you need help for yourself, or are a business that needs help for your staff. 

Personal Counselling and Therapy

For Individuals

Talking with someone professional and with empathy can be so powerful. Some might call this counselling or therapy. Or perhaps you need guiding towards new goals in life using a coaching approach.

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Business Services Coaching Training EAP

For Business

Employers have an increasing role to play in the psychological welfare of their staff. If you are looking for a flexible, pay as you talk package to support your staff, I can help. I can also provide some great workshops in a variety of areas.

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Talking Works
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