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Coaching Testimonials

Young Teacher

Abi, Hull

Chris really helped me understand why I was feeling a certain way and helped me realise that we are not defined by our past. He made me feel comfortable and at ease every time we talked, it was more like a friendly chat than anything, which really helped when trying to talk about difficult things. Our sessions helped me see the light and fill me with confidence that I could achieve anything if I set my mind to it and enable myself to turn my dreams into reality.”

Confident Woman

Becky, Newcastle

Chris is a fantastic coach and has supported me to work through both professional and personal challenges in such an encouraging way. Chris drew on a range of tools and techniques to enable me to identify my values, wants and needs, and using his keen listening and questioning skills guided me to dig deeper to find the answers I needed to move forward towards achieving my goals. Coaching has been a hugely beneficial experience!

Man with Wooden Background

Dan, East Yorkshire

I have worked on a one-to-one basis with Chris for many years. His professional, yet down to earth approach to coaching has helped me tackle the things standing in my way and to reach my goals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. 

* Keeping client confidentiality and safety in mind, and under UKCP rules, it is not ethical for me to solicit or display reviews for my counselling or psychotherapy work. The reviews shown relate to coaching work which does not have the same stigma attached, or psychotherapeutic impact.

Talking Works
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