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Walking Works - Cottingham Circular

My normal activities are as a counsellor and personal coach - which is why I run a practice called "Talking Works".

However, I have discovered over the last few months a joy for exercise and more particularly - walking. So, occasionally, and after a few requests I am gong to post a series of my favourite walks under the badge - Walking Works!

The first walk I want to share with you is my Cottingham Circular. 7.68 miles. Starting and finishing at Grandad's Park on South Street. Obviously, you can start and finish anywhere on the route.

Walk along South Street, turning left onto Southwood Road. At the roundabout, turn up Castle Hill Road and walk up towards Castle Hill Hospital. Enter the hospital by turning right into Gate 3. Walk almost as far as you can following the signs for Audiology. As you pass Audiology on your right, go up through the car park and then turn right onto the main road through the hospital. Keep walking - you will pass Caridology (cardiac emergency) on the left and the estates department on the right. Keep walking, past the Larkin toad, and beyond (up one of two small sets of steps) until you find the side exit out of the hospital and onto a path running down to Eppleworth Road. When you reach Eppleworth Road, pass under the bridge, and cross over a walk up the hill towards Skidby.

Pass Skidby windmill on your left and keep going until you meet the main road that goes into the village. Cross straight over onto the old former Beverley Road. Keep walking along this former road and enjoy the views of the fields and the horses. This road can be treacherous when icy and even when wet and muddy.

You will come out on the current main road to Beverley, opposite Lazaat. Take extra care - you may be waiting a few minutes to cross safely. Seriously, it's easy to misjudge the speeds cars are travelling - so please take care.

Above : Pictures of the former Beverley Road, Skidby Side. This was an icy day!

Once you have crossed and have Lazaat in front of you, bear left and head towards Beverley. This is another disused part of the old Beverley Road which is now a footpath and cycle path. I love that you can see the old road markings.

Pass through two sets of bollards, and eventually you will see a finger post pointing to the right, down a beautiful tree lined old footpath. I call this "Dingly Dell". It feels like this path hasn't changed in 100 years. This can be muddy in the winter or after a lot of rain so make sure you have some good footwear! I think this part of the walk is lovely and if you look towards Beverley you can see the minster on the horizon. The woods in between are also enchanting.

As you exit the tree lined path, follow the footpath along the fields. Again, plenty of mud, so take care. You'll pass a wind turbine on your left and then a pond on your right...

As you pass the pond on the right, you'll go onto another tree lined sheltered footpath and you should bear to the right and you will then come out onto a field where you should follow the arrows to the right and head towards the farmhouses of Burn Park Farm. Stick to the path as you go through the farm. If you have to open the gates, close them behind you.

As you leave the farm, follow the main drive out until you meet Park Lane. From here, you will be aiming to turn left and walk along the road towards the electricity substation called Creyke Bank. I think the power station on the right and the substation are fascinating complexes. Many would say the pylons are ugly but I think they're a thing of beauty and I can't stop taking photos of them. I love the sound the the electrical buzzing, which gets worse in wet conditions! Gents - you may feel the hairs on your legs tingling if you're wearing shorts in summer.

As you pass around the back of the substation, pass some houses on the left and then a pylon on the left and then up into a wooded area. You will descend onto fields here and you should follow the footpaths and the arrows show you the way. These paths can be terribly muddy so, again, be careful. Eventually you'll follow an arrow to the right which will take you into another sheltered footpath with hedges on either side. This path is bordering on dangerous because in places it has holes you can fall down. I'd advise not tackling this path in low light because of the holes. I've tried it by the light of an iPhone. Trust me - don't do it.

The path eventually comes out at a small bridge which leads you onto the nature reserve area to the rear of KGV playing fields. From here, you can find your own way back through the centre of Cottingham back to Grandad's Park where you started.

A really super walk, that takes around two and a half hours at a pace of around 19 minutes a mile.

The full map is shown here.

I do call this a modular walk because you can choose particular parts and truncate the route.

For example, you might walk to Castle Hill, up to Skidby and then come back down to the village via Harland Way. Or you might just walk from the village, up Park Lane and then around the rear of the substation. Tailor your routes to suit the length you require. And please EXPLORE. That's how I have built my portfolio of walks.

If you want to let me know how you got on with the walk, get in touch. Follow me on social media or drop me an email - all of my details are below.

I'll post more walks soon!

As well as walking, I also do TALKING for living! I'm a personal coach, who uses counselling and psychotherapy techniques to help you resolve your issues and achieve your goals.

If you, or someone you know might need my assistance, please get in touch. I offer FREE initial consultations, so there is nothing to lose (you can book them here on my website too).

Also, please follow me on social media (details below).

Phone : 07581088211

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